Nantes, France


Present projects

Orchestre Sortilège

Symphonic orchestra
Composer, arranger, percussionist

It's a friends symphonic orchestra gathering once a year.

access_timeStatus: Active

Past projects

Foenix Big Band

Jazz/hip hop/funk

It's basically a jazz big-band, but with a DJ and a rapper. Jazz meets hip-hop meets rock meets funk...Loads of energy.

access_timeStatus: Left

A Prison Called Earth

Progressive metal
Guitarist, keyboardist, arranger, composer

My first serious metal band. Long songs, loads of keyboards : totally my kink back then. We released two records before we parted ways.

access_timeStatus: Left

Skellig Trio

Celtic music

A celtic music trio. 4 gigs, fun times !

access_timeStatus: Left


Progressive jazzcore
Guitarist, composer & founder

The first band I created and I'm the most proud of.

access_timeStatus: On hold

Experimental prog metal

We are working on our first record, so come back later for further informations !

access_timeStatus: On hold


Post metal

Spicing up their post/metal universe with epic, progressive and technical elements, AERIS is still fond of vast, post-rocking sonic landscapes ; giving to this new release something more complex and ethereal at the same time.

access_timeStatus: On hold

Forêt Ivre

Improvised music

My first improvised music project. We did 3-4 concerts at the time, great fun and taught me a lot on freedom in music, how to listen better to who you are playing with...

access_timeStatus: Split up

Al Loar Zu

Fest-noz rock

My first serious band I joined and also the first album I recorded professionnally!

access_timeStatus: Split up