Nantes, France



Progressive jazzcore


Guitarist, composer & founder


On hold


Romain Lay - vibraphone
Louis Godart - guitar
Rémi Allain - double bass
Julien Ouvrard - drums

Formed during fall 2013 by Louis GODART (electric guitar), Monolithes' sound is unique in the jazz galaxy. With Julien OUVRARD on drums, Romain LAY on amplified vibraphone and Rémi ALLAIN on double bass, they share the same love for high-energy music, dealing with jazz, metal and contemporary music universes in order to create pieces that directly appeal to the listener's imagination. Each one is a trip on its own, sometimes dark,  sometimes bright ; sometimes fast and wild, sometimes slow and soft - but always heading towards the end of the journey. After a first self-produced, self-titled album released in 2015 and based on a progressive vision of their music, the quartet releases Limites during fall 2018, presenting an hyperactive side, dealing with collective experimentation, collective improvisation and collective energy.