Nantes, France

Drifting Lands


Alkemi Games

Year – status:

2017 – Released


Shoot'em'up/hack'n'slash mash-up




This was the very first professional game I worked on, 6 months after my first game jam. The artistic direction totally blew me away and I particularly enjoyed the fact that Drifting Lands was a rather bright when it cames to color choices, when these games are usually dark and stressful. It need music that was bigger than life, airy but nervous, angry but positive, epic but fast (sometimes). I felt I somewhat meeted the expectations and this is the work I am the most proud of.

The music in itself is a mash-up of different genres I like : electro, metal and orchestral. Like Dream Theater meets Perturbator meets Hans Zimmer...The game being a mash-up of two different styles, it was quite obvious it would work !

You can also order the OST (digitally or physically !) on my Bandcamp, or listen to it on Soundcloud (see the player below). Do not hesitate to play the game too !