Nantes, France


News from Monolithes !

Last modified by Louis on Dec 20 2018, 03:09

Hi everyone (if someone is actually reading this...), I totally forgot to talk about big news coming from my main musical project, AKA Monolithes, (...)

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When you spell something backwards...

Last modified by Louis on Nov 30 2018, 17:26

Hi everyone, Here is my latest composition for symphonic orchestra. It is called Regayov and is dedicated to the memory of Jóhann Jóhannsson, (...)

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Sunday afternoon in Wyoming

Last modified by Louis on Oct 29 2018, 11:38

Today, I had a really interesting video game experience with my girlfriend and I wanted to tell you about it. It was a cold sunday afternoon and I (...)

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Inaugural post !

Last modified by Louis on Sep 27 2018, 16:37

Hi everyone, Welcome to my website. It has been long awaited (mostly by me) and is finally online, thanks to my precious friend Lucrèce! Here you (...)

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